Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Day 3 and 4

I have to post 2 days worth as we had no power yesterday. Well actually we had partial power if you can figure that one out. We had electricity but no cable, tv, internet and phone only part of the time. No wonder the pioneers went to bed right after dinner!!! Yesterday and today have been easier days for my patience levels. But I cheated I must add. Yesterday I sewed most of the day and today I ironed. Two things that have a very calming effect on me. Weird I know. I mean who in their right minds loves to iron clothes??

We are in the middle of a big snow storm right now. We got hit with a storm late yesterday afternoon. In a matter of 10 minutes we had thunder, hail, sleet, pounding rain then thick snow. We woke up this morning to heavy snowfall and now at 3pm it is knee high outside. The houses across the street last night lost their power and as I was cleaning up from making Keith's lunch late in the evening I could see that there weren't even candles on in the homes. I knew people were home. I just kept shaking my head telling myself I am NOT going to go over AGAIN with candles and supplies for my neighbors. I mean how much are you supposed to help your fellow man until they get the picture to get their lives in order?

We have been warned and forewarned to get our emergency kits in gear and ready. And yet now with our 14th storm in 5 weeks, people still are not prepared. At our last big storm we went out and helped our neighbors and some of them had flashlights but no batteries, some had candles but no matches or lighters. None had extra water just what would have come out of their taps. Which would have been fine but we were on boil water advisory so that was useless and there was no water to be bought in the stores.

We have been warned of this impending storm for 3 days now and on the noon news they showed service stations with cars lined up to get storm tired on. HELLO people!!! Were you not listening? We have had our kits done for over 25 years and the first weekend of April and October we pull them out, go through them, change our clothing for the season, put "fresh" food and water in them, change the batteries etc etc.

Hmmm I guess I am not quite so patient at the moment as I thought I was hehehehe. To me, waiting to be rescued by someone else during an emergency is akin to ostrich sticking their heads in the sand.... if I don't think about it then it won't happen to me. I still would like to know when do you stop helping and let people stand on their own two feet? If I stop helping does that mean I can no longer be a Good Samaritan? Does that make me a bad person?

Well my dryer is beeping at me letting me know it's time to go change laundry loads. Maybe I better get to doing some more ironing in case a neighbor comes over to borrow something and I can cheerly hand it over rather then take their head off :)