Sunday, January 21, 2007

Family History

First of all I need to mention that I did make it out to the 2nd day of training but didn't last the whole day. I pushed myself to go and I learnt a lot but by 1PM I was in too much pain to focus on the instructor and at break told him I needed to go. I should have left before hand but too stubborn I guess. I can make up the missed portion when he does the seminar again in March. I will miss day 3 this week as we will be in Lethbridge for a granddaughter's baptism so will do the day and a half when I get back.

As a new Family History Consultant worker, I have been fine tuning my genealogy this week, spending time entering new information in my computer program and filing stacked paperwork out of the basket and in the proper folders. I learnt 2 things this week that I was not happy about. First one was finding out my mother's maiden name is not that at all. Well it is technically but when the family first came to Canada there were given a new name by the English that met the ships coming from Europe. Why I have no idea. She couldn't remember if it was because too many people already had that name or they couldn't pronounce it or what. It blew me away. She said she thought she had told me that before. Uh no Mom I am pretty sure I would remember you telling me that was not my name!! She couldn't remember what her name used to be but would try and find out.

The other thing I found out was that as I was getting names together to take to the temple this week to get them temple ready I was working on my maternal grandmother's. I printed the info off the PAF file but the name was marked off as already done!!! I printed it off to look at it and sure enough someone in Lethbridge AB had submitted her name. At first I thought I must have left her info with Kim last time I was there and he thought I wanted him to get it done but when I asked him he said no even though the person comes from his town.

This was very disheartening. Keith said well isn't the most important thing the fact that she has been done by someone? I said well yes maybe in my head but seeing as how my head and my heart are rarely on the same page it made me very sad. Our oldest granddaughter is 12 and going on her first youth baptism trip in a couple of months and she had been quite excited in doing her baptism.

On the upswing Keith has been working on his pedigree line for the last 2 weeks. Last night he kept asking me a bunch of questions on dates and spelling etc and of course it was right in the middle of something I was engrossed in watching on tv. After like the millionth question I finally asked what he was doing. He said working on his pedigree line. I said well why are you redoing it when Kim has a big chunk done and I have a big chunk done why don't you just "copy and paste" sort of thing? He said cause that means you guys are #1 on yours and I am another number and I want to be #1. Oh brother!!!!!

Competition between his sons, son in law and him are so childish sometimes but funny to watch :) Curt and Lareta got a new coffee table last week and of course it had to have been the exact one Keith had been eyeing for ages lol. He is not going to be happy!


Kim Siever said...

FYI, I have done some work on Dad's line. Would you like it?