Monday, January 08, 2007

Exercise in Futility

Note to self: Never go shopping for new pants 2 days after telling the world you are going to work on your patience!! I decided I must go out and look for a new pair of dress pants. I have one pair that really don't fit well and need another pair. I would even be happy with casual dress. But pair after pair after store after store no luck. Who in their right mind decided that pants belong down past the crack of women's butts???? Obviously some man! I can not imagine any woman designer deciding that would be beneficial to anyone.

When I found pants long enough they barely covered my butt. I wear a size 12 and I tried pants from size 10-16 and everything was either too big or too small or too young looking or too short. I have the misfortune of having my hig bone and my waist at EXACTLY the same spot. I know I know can't be done.. trust me .,.. they are... so even if the tag on the pants say mid-rise (which is still too low in my opinion) they still rode too low. The second I sit in them they crawl down!

The average dimension is 4" between top of hips and waist line. Mine is 0". People never believe me till I show them. The outside of my legs is 42" long. Not easy to find pants let alone jeans which is why I have one of each only and wear the same thing.... ARGGGGG frustration!! No patience today... I think I will go find a piece of chocolate something then have a nap.. that should make me feel better.

Will work on the patience again after those two things get accomplished!


Anonymous said...

lol yes sally i sure know what you mean about having patients to shop for pants. Its just nuts trying to find a pair of pants that are not low riders. i know i really don't like showing off the crack of my butt. so its really hard for me with my big but to find pants it wasn't bad years ago when it was no prob. finding pants that go to the waist, but now a days they are few and far between. I guess the designers expect everone no matter what size they to wear ther short butt pants he he! NOT! Maybe that can be your next goal, sally become a famous pant designer cause i'm sure theres alot a women out there you feel the same as us.

love your favorite
sis. inlaw Leanne

Sally said...

ok I shall do that :) Right after I finish my chocolate bar!! lol

Mary Siever said...

mum, oh i hear you, i really do. io hate finding pants to wear i am so long waisted. as you know i am size 12 too but i have to wear a larger size pant because my hips are just an inch bigger than they "should be" so i have pants that swim around my waist so they can sit comfortably on my hips. and then the height of the crotch...argh.

hi auntie leanne! come visit our thoughts too!

Anonymous said...

Oh you sooo kill me!! We need to go shopping together. I will come with you to find pants. And I will help you deal with the stupidity of design!! I hear you sister. I am in the same boat. Didn't Reitmans have anything good for you?? I found a pair there last month that were really nice. And GAP has an awesome pair of dress pants with a bit of stretch in them. Really comfy - a bit pricey though... But you get what you pay for!! HUGS my friend. Patience is a virtue!! hee hee heeeee