Thursday, January 18, 2007

and the frustration continues

So now it is my computer that is driving me around the bend. I now have a vertical very skinny PURPLE line about a third of the way on my screen. Why you may ask? I have no idea but it drives me crazy. As well half the time I can't get my windows (programs) to open fully. If I want my mail to open I will get the middle part of the window but not the borders where of course all the icons and menus are for tasks in my mail. I have to move the mouse cursor along till I see the word and then click on that.

Or else I will get the borders but the middle part will show whatever is on my desktop image at that moment. UGHHHH!! I then have to shut everything down and completely shut the computer off. Then after I leave it for half hour or so and reboot it will work for a few hours then starts up again. I have been working on my genealogy and it is so frustrating to be right in the middle of something and have to shut it all down!!

I have checked and rechecked for viruses but nothing there. Keith is swamped at work so isn't home long enough to do more then nap before he heads out again so doens't have time right now to work on it. Any suggestions out there?

I started my training at a family history centre yesterday now that I am a bonafide consultant. It was great that I had access to free ancestry. com where as now you have to pay at home to belong. Cool perk.

Today and tomorrow I start my training to becomes a facilitator for University of Victoria. It's today and tomorrow for this week. It will allow me to teach 6 week long workshops for people living with chronic pain and those who are their caregivers. I sure can walk the walk let me tell you. I can tell you all sorts of things about living with chronic pain.

Well I see it is snowing once again like crazy so I better get off of here and get going. Had I opened my blinds before now I would have seen that and would have left already to give myself enough time to do my little jog dances as I slip and slide all the way to the bus stop.


Carmen said...

That is very cool that you are going to be able to teach that course!! Amazing. I am super excited for you!!