Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update on back

I saw the therapist yesterday and was not pleased with his prognosis. He had been using tape for binding my upper back to try and keep it straight as the muscles were pulling my ribs forward making me bend forward which was causing all sorts of pain. But I was breaking out in rashes and it wasn't working well enough. So now I have to go from the taped bindings to a steel/metal full back brace They apparently are very expensive and we told him that we are losing our extended health benefits in the next short while so he was going to move fast at trying to find one right away for me so we can get the receipt into Blue Cross. I am not looking forward to going in that kind of brace but he said my skin is now deteriorating from all the tape going on it. So I end up taking it off from the itchiness of the hives from the allergy as well the tape is not stiff enough to keep me in place so am bending too much even though I think I am doing much better. But he said I have to try even harder. Sigh.. getting old really sucks.