Friday, January 29, 2010

Strength of Character

Not too many things surprise me.. guess it comes with being half a century old heheee but I was surprised twice this week. First, as I mentioned in an earlier post, Keith's company was letting go of their extended health benefits. Well on Tuesday this week we found out I have to have a full back brace as the taped binding one he had been using was not working as well as it should have. He said the type I needed to get was expensive.. joy... We told him about Keith's company and he said he would make some calls to see if he could find one quickly so we could get the receipt in. So yesterday Keith called his office to talk to the group administrator to find out exactly what date the plan was being cut off and why. Today he went to the office to get his paycheck and found out that his boss has decided to keep the plan for another month to give me time to find a brace and get the receipt in. Huh...

Today I saw the specialist for my Prolotherapy session and told him I had gotten no relief at all from the last session in fact things had gotten worse. He had me do some moving and bending and decided my muscles are just too weak to continue on and that we needed to work on strengthening my core muscles as well as my legs etc. Now that surprised me. Well not what I needed to do but that he wasn't going to continue with the sessions right now. He obviously would get paid more with the treatments then just working out with my skeletal frame but he chose not to because he felt right now it wasn't what I needed. Huh..go figure

So I have been surprised twice this week that with everything going on in life there are still people out there with character, good people, people that still care about others. And as if that wasn't enough... my family doctor who I also saw today, has agreed to take Keith on as a patient.. she has not taken on new patients in years but as a special favour to me she agreed :) But she did tell him he needed to be on his best behaviour and to never give her a hard time, to always do as he was told, and that if at any time I felt I could not handle having the same doctor he would have to find another one :)