Thursday, January 21, 2010

Anna & Kristina's Beauty Call Show

Today was a cool day in my life :) A couple of weeks ago one of my new favourite shows, Anna and Kristina's Beauty Call put out a call looking for volunteers willing to let them test hair dyes on them. But you couldn't just want to dye your hair, you had to have grey hair to color. And not just a head of grey hair but just grey roots as the new on the market products were markers that were temporary.

Well I got the call 2 days ago that I had been accepted as a volunteer! WOOHOO~ It didn't help that these 2 are local celebrities and I have been watching their 3 shows since their inception many years ago. I would have been happy just standing in the same room as them!

So we get there and one of the hosts, Kristina, just chats with us putting us at ease. Then the cameras start and she explains all three products to us. That took a couple of takes. Then we go over to this large vanity table in front of a big mirror where we all try product 1 then the 2nd one then the 3rd one. We have to say how we liked/disliked the ease and use of it. Once we were all done, we went back to the sitting area where we took turns talking about the pros and cons of each product and if we had a favourite. After that she gave us the price of them and asked if we would still buy it (for those that have a favourite). I said I would as it blended well with my hair, very easy to use, minimal fuss etc. I loved it.

After we were done that segment then we each had to take a turn at the mirror with no one around other then one camera man on top of a step ladder filming the top of the heads and other cameraman filming the side of the head you were working on. No talking just letting them film as you did it. Then that was it. I was happy just haven been a part of it all. Then I found out we could take the products home AND an extra one of our favourite :)

But no that's not it!! We ended up getting a satchel filled with makeup and beauty products!!! COOL :) Life is good :) Here is the link of the one marker that was my favourite as well as the site for the beauty show. Our segment will air mid March and I promise to keep you all posted! They actually have 3 shows that they film so I am including all the links. You should check them out. They test out everything a woman and man...would use in a home.