Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Blogs

The advantage of being up most of each nights, I tend to work on my laptop and just putz around. I have had these ideas going through my mind last summer/fall but was too busy with other projects to give them much more thought till late fall. I have started 3 new blogs but rather then this one where everything shows up on it from rants about idiots, to crowing about my grandchildren to everything in between, these will have specific themes. I hope you check them out and give me your feedback. If you find you can't post a comment or start a new post let me know about it and I will fix it. You can email me privately if you have a question or comment but don't want your info on the sites and I will post it for you. You can email me at

So here are the blogs:


This one is about creating an organized home, life, self and family. These are ideas to help you. If you have a particular problem in any of these areas or even for new areas, let me know and I will find some solutions that might work for you!


This blog is about being your Internet Yellow Pages ~ how do you find something, are you looking for some references, certain restaurant, directions to something, what is the best hotel somewhere; This blog is your personal info yellow pages for your life whether it be for cooking, cleaning, health, beauty, stress relievers, how-tos etc.


This blog is about starting a new you! Look at this year as a fresh start to a brand new you.. Maybe it is about watching what you are eating, maybe it is about learning to start working out small, perhaps it is about losing that last (or first) 20 pounds...whatever it is that brings you here today welcome and let's get started together!

And then of course there is this one :) So please continue to let me know your thoughts.. hate to think I am always just talking to myself hehehee