Friday, January 08, 2010


I hate mornings.. but even more so this morning. I have this special ergonomically correct pillow that keeps my neck straight and prevents tension headaches. Well this morning I somehow slipped partly off and woke up with a nasty headache. But that was ok.. well not ok per se but better then what ticked me off. I had been having such a wonderful dream.. you know the kind where you never want to wake up?? Because I dream so much I almost always know I am dreaming but not last night.

I dreamed that Keith and I had bought an old large Victorian house with all these rooms, hardwood floors, tall vaulted ceilings.. gorgeous. Well it was moving day and somehow somewhere between buying the house day and moving day the house inside grew immensely. The outside still looked the same but when you went in the rooms were all larger and there were even more rooms then there had been before.

As I am walking through each room 2 new rooms made me think I had died and gone to heaven, one was a library. It had a ceiling that must have been at least 20 feet high. shelves from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. Every single space was filled with books!!! People that know me know I am a reader. If something has 2 covers and words in between it will find it's way in my hands. It even had one of those ladders you see in movies that are hooked on the top shelf and you can swing around the room in it.. oh man life was good at that moment. In the middle of the room were these big overstuffed armchairs and lounges that just begged for you to curl up in front of the fireplace to read something.

The 2nd room that I fell in love with was the dining room. Well not that room but the room that now was attached to it. This one had wall to wall and floor to ceiling closed oak cabinets and drawers and when I opened them there were the most beautiful china, silver pieces, crystal, linens, centerpieces, it just went on and on.. I could see my mouth wide open and completely speechless!! Yes I speechless? That should have been my first clue I was dreaming!

Then I could hear Keith calling me and I turned back into the dining room to go get more boxes and where 2 minutes before had been an empty room was now this solid oak large gorgeous table that could easily sit 30 people!! I kept walking around the house unpacking and every time I turned around there would be a new room and new discoveries. Keith kept looking at me like I had never seen the house before. I went into the master bedroom to put things away and saw another door that had not been there before. Thinking it was a closet I opened it to find a stairway. Now this house from the outside was a 2 story Victorian home in the middle of a quiet neighborhood. When I got to the top of the stairway there was another door and when I opened it I opened it to a huge roof top garden!!

There was a greenhouse with all kinds of herbs growing, there was a large vegetable garden in the middle, rose bushes and all sorts of plants all along the edges. It also was flat which was interesting seeing as how the house had a pitched roof when I had first walked up to the house. I could hear all sorts of noises and when I got close to one of the edges I realized I was standing on the roof of a hightower in the middle of New York City.

At that point I woke up with a kink in my neck and a bad tension headache. What a terrible way to start my day!!