Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Two Bones to Pick

Ok I am on a soapbox right now!! I need to vent over two separate issues! First one is about common courtesy. I swear Emily Post is turning over in her grave at the lack of manners so many people have these days. I know how we were raised in our generation. I know how my children were raised. But somewhere in there, I don't know what happened. I was raised to say please and thank you; men/boys stood up to give their seats to any female regardless of age; girls gave up their seats for their elders; you opened doors for the person behind you;

Let me give you an example of how that is NOT happening today. Well over the last couple of days. I had to take the bus a few days ago. There wasn't any seats available on the bus and I had to stand. Standing is very painful for me after a few minutes but I had a 20 odd minute ride on the bus. There were seats filled with young males but no one offered me their seat. Yes I know I am sure some of you are thinking hey it goes both ways, it's the 21st century women can give their seats up as well. Get real! It's called common courtesy.

Today I had errands to run and as most days I do it on foot as I don't have a car. I had 2 granddaughters with me so I was pushing the double stroller. I went to Office Depot, the Dollar Store, the bank, and the second hand store. At each of those stores as I was coming to the door, someone was either coming in the store or just leaving, all saw me and NOT ONE person held the door for me. Now anyone who has ever pushed a double stroller knows you need basically 40 acres to turn those puppies around and you could use some help. But nope! No one.

At 3 of the places as I was leaving someone was entering so I held the door open and not one said thank you. At the last place when they walked by I sarcastically said "You're Welcome". They turned around and said "what's your problem?" DUH!! Aren't parents teaching their children anymore? I happened to tell my almost 4 year old granddaughter the other day that she was beautiful and she just looked at me and said "Thank you". Now that is manners.

Then that brings me to my second beef today. Drivers. I swear I am going to walk around with a bat one of these days! And when I become President of the World I am going to make it mandatory that anyone who drives through a crosswalk without looking BOTH ways and giving pedestrians the right of way on a light will be made to walk everywhere for a period of time!!

I walk nearly every day, different routes, different lengths of time but every single day I have to stand at some crosswalk intersection and wait for cars to finally stop even though my light is flashing and they can plainly see me. On 72nd Ave just a few minutes from my house at the intersection I have been hit twice in the last 3 months. Not hit enough that I bruise etc as the cars have been just cruising but enough that the driver knows they hit something. They get to the corner knowing traffic is only going to be coming from their left hand side so that is the only side they look not thinking there are people trying to cross at the light on their right hand side. When I was hit yesterday I smacked my hand on the hood of the car as I yelled. The driver had the gall to start screaming at me about hitting his car and doing the old one finger waver at me! I told him he hit me and he had the audacity to tell me it was my fault for being in the intersection!! I had the walkway! I am going to always have pencil and paper with me from now on on my walks and I am going to take down license plate numbers and call in to report them. Enough is enough.

For pete's sake I am 5'10" and usually am pushing a stroller on my walks it's not like I am easily missed! Alright I feel better now for venting :)


Carmen said...

I do agree - motorist HAVE to slow down out there! They need to pay more attention to their surroundings. But on the same token, I am really tired of teens darting out in traffic and freakin' me out all the time! I don't speed, but still - I am not expecting a pedestrian to walk across Fraser Highway in front of a car doing 60 km/hr! I hate it. Time for everyone to get back to basics of common courtesay. They need to teach it in school!! Hey, maybe a good business opportunity... hee hee