Thursday, January 10, 2008


I know that is not the right acronym for Severe Anxiety Disorder but I just made it up. It suits my mood today. It's my acronym for Sunshine Deficit Disorder. I know it is only January not even the end of it but barely beginning but I am tired of this grey cloud that hangs over us.. makes me grey inside and cranky and out of sorts. I finally did find those pictures the other day and they were right where they belonged. In the holder on my scrapbook desk waiting for the frames. Right in front of my eyes. If I thought I could do it without pulling a muscle I would kick myself in the butt!

We had grandchildren sleep over last night.Rosaleen has been sick with a slight cold but I had laid her down for a nap on the afternoon. When she woke up she had a 102.3 fever. I normally have medicine here for kids but I was out so called Daddy who sent some over. She no sooner saw the bottle she starting crying. I got a tablet in her mout but she was so agitated that she started retching finally just throwing up. Unfortunately she was sitting on my lap at the time facing me and I got it right in the face and all down my shirt and on my lap. Poor girl!!

Got her all cleaned up and she started feeling better but kept her on water and clear fluids for the rest of the night. This morning she was cool but by mid morning she was getting cranky again not knowing what she wanted. So I laid her on the couch against her very loud wishes and within minutes fell asleep.

Lareta had an early morning appointment today so the rest of her children slept over last night as well. It was really weird having to make that much breakfasts and school lunches that early in the morning. I kept thinking I was going to forget something. I think it's Nana who is going to need a nap when Papa gets home today.

But it snowed here all it has been raining since early morning so what was slush at 8 am is now 6" deep of water outside our door going past the curb and covering our driveway. Kind of takes all the fun out of watching it snow. I have had lots of work to do online today and finally brought my laptop out to work in the dining room so that I could keep an eye on the 2 little girls but out here I have to use the wireless and it keeps cutting out!! Or I send an email out but because the signal strenght is low it takes forever to send in the meantime I can't send another one out. I mean what's the point of paying to have a wireless modem and the privileges of using it if you have to carry your laptop around with you as you walk through the house finding a spot that has a stronger signal!

I need chocolate!! Cranky moods equal chocolate!! But to end on a positive note.. Safeway Pharmacy called me yesterday to say I had won 1500 airmiles!!! Our local Safeway had done some extensive renovations in October and had a re-grand opening with draws. I guess I had entered and was one of the winners!! Now I can bank these for next time I want to go home for a visit :) BONUS! They said it would take 1-2 months before it shows up on my account.... there goes that patience thing again. Why does everything always end up having to deal with patience? I swear that is why I was put on earth ----to learn patience. I obviosuly was sitting in a corner talking when God handed out that piece of strenght!!

Well that's it for now.. have a great rest of you day especially you sunshiners!!!


Carmen said...

You were sitting in the corner... I was NOT even in the room!! hee hee Patience is not one of my strong suites either... All part of why we are here. HUGS