Saturday, January 26, 2008

Great Greater Greatest

I was on another person's blog and they had this test to see if people out there that lurk while they read your posts, can help see if they are related to you and perhaps you are able to find some lost ancestor. I hope I get TONS of replies to this. Come on.. it's easy!! You do great, great great and great great great grandparents

Jean-Baptiste Cloutier
Sarah Pronovost
David Beauvais
Maximia Gibeault
Napoleon Arthur Joseph Prive
josephine Langlois
Jean Provencal
Louise Lallier

GG Grandparents
Uldoric Cloutier
Philomene Trottier
Jospeh Pronovost
Adelaide Despiens
Jean-Baptiste Beauvais
Hermine Demeres
Casimir Gibeault
Arthemise Robert
Jean-Baptise Provencal
Ester MacDonald
Louis Lallier
Lumina Lafontaine
Francois Xavier Prive
Dorothee Chicoine
Alfred Langlois
Marie Louise Cloure

GGG Grandparents
Louis Cloutier
Sophie Frigon
Jean Trottier
Josephe St. Arnaud
Francois Pronovost
Marie Anne Veilet
louis Lefebvre
Adele Brassard
Camille Beauvais
Adelaide Morotte
Jaques Demers
Zoe Pinsonneault
Antoine Robert
Elenore Jolinet
Jean Provencal
Angelique Emond
James MacDonald
Marceline Mary Lettre
Isreal Lallier
Margarit Baril
Oliver Lafontaine
Euphrosine Poirier
Jospeh Prive
Catherine Meunier
Pierre Rene Chicoine
Julie Dansereau
Henri Langlois
Henriette Chagnon
John Cloure
Mary Cloure

And yes I really REALLY would love to see yours even if it's only got 2 generations!!


Carmen said...

I can only do grandparents!! I have no clue as to the last names of my great-grandparents!! Oh my gosh - how sad!! I am embarassed...

Sally said...

there is no time like now to learn that information... never assume that you can get it later unfortunately. later is usually always too late

Kim Siever said...

Hey, I have the same ones! Maybe we're related.

Sally said...

oh :-P

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the closest I get is Agnes Pinchon 1340, England and her father, William Pinchon.

Dan Poirier born abt 1895 in Canada, who married Clara May Almyra Correll, my 1st cousin twice removed, in 1938 in LA, CA.

Nice blog--Norma P

Sally said...

thanks for trying Norma and welcome :) Hope to hear from you again !