Monday, January 14, 2008

Focused on a misson

I pretty much stayed off the computer most of the weekend.. I know!! Will wonders never cease?? I didn't even check my Shaw mail since Friday! I don't even want to tell you how much mail was sitting there this morning :( But I needed to get my life in order. I absolutely hate disorder. I hate things not in their places and not put away. I hate things stacked up in the "to do" pile, stacks of mail that has to be sorted and dealt with etc. Our one counter that has a basket on it to put mail that comes in was probably 6 inches high with stuff! Every time I sat in the living room I could see pictures out of place from when we had our Christmas things out and so everything that belonged on shelves and fireplace mantle were just behind things and so on. I finally had enough and when Keith said he had to work Saturday I thought AH HAH!

So clean I did and put everything away. I even cleaned off my scrap booking desk and organized every piece of paper. What a job! But I knew my lunch time I had already done too much but I ignored my back and my muscles and kept plodding on. Dumb Dumb dumb! I was so focused on completing my task at hand I kept going. Keith came home and just had to take a whiff of the house and got upset with me. He could smell I had been cleaning. He told me if I needed things done I should have waited till he came home and asked him to do it. Ok Keith you work 18 hour days 6 days a week and even when you are home you have so much paperwork to do for work you can barely keep your eyes open at your desk and you want me to tell you there is vacumming to be done.. yup sure I'll jump right on that!

I told him I was fine.. uh huh...sure he believed me! By evening thought I knew it had been too much but I was happy sitting in the living room watching tv with Keith. I could relax. My goal this week had been to finish off some added pages for the scrapbook I had made Mom when she had been here a year and a half ago. I am going there in a few weeks and wanted to make some new pages to add to it. But I couldn't get at it as my desk was also piled high with stuff. Now it is normalized and I can function once again.

When I went to get out of bed yesterday morning I knew I was in trouble. I felt like I had been hit with a Mack truck. I don't get this. I was very careful to not bend over or to pick up things that were too heavy. I didn't move furniture around or twist around constantly but I couldn't even lift my legs to get into the shower. So I stayed home from church and just sat in my massage chair. By mid afternoon though I got up to get dinner started but was getting really light headed. I skipped dinner as I was getting nauseous. I have these amazing anti-emetics that I found that are all natural and you just put them under your tongue and within 15 minutes the nausea is gone or at least dissipating.

But around 10 it came back and this time it didn't stop at the nausea. ROSALEEN BERNADETTE AUDREY HAYSOM!!!! You made Nana sick by throwing up on her last week!! I crashed on the couch after I cleaned up and just sipped on some ice, I kept telling myself it is mind over matter. I WILL NOT get sick. I didn't sleep well at all and although I've stopped throwing up I am tired and sore.

So much for starting on my scrapbook pages! Maybe later this afternoon or evening I will feel like moving a bit more. Oh the joys of living in a worn out body lol! And the worse part? I can't even say to Keith I am really hurting as he will give me the old evil "I told you so" look hehehehe! Well I am off to go back and lay down for a rest. Then we will attempt at life again when I get up.

A Bientot mes amis :)


Carmen said...

I am sorry that you have the flu! I hate that. I hate that feeling... Not to mention what ususally comes with that feeling... Get better soon!! HUGS