Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Mental Health Day

At different jobs in my life I have seen peers take a "mental health day" off. I could never understand that. considering I have never taken sick days off from work, I didn't understand that. But yesterday I got it. I had taken all the pictures that family members had sent us at Christmas and scanned them wanting to put them all in the new frames I had gotten. Somewhere after I finished scanning them I lost them. For ELEVEN hours I looked for these dozen or so pictures. I know I had them but then they were gone. It was really weirding me out. I couldn't concentrate on anything else. I felt like I was losing my mind. Anything else I started working on yesterday I would get completely distracted and go off looking for them again.

I wanted to make a homemade chicken pot pie for supper. I had the stock simmering for hours. I got all the ingredients chopped and finally put it in the oven. After baking for an hour or so I took it out and the crust is nice and golden brown and bubbling around the edges. It smelt soooo good!! I took it out of the oven and set it on the stove to cool a bit and went to the fridge to get some salad things and there sitting on the top shelf staring at me was the bowl of chicken breasts starting at me. I went up to Keith and said sorry but we are having VEGEE pot pie,

But that's the kind of day it was for me. I hate being discombombulated. I have no focus, Ugh I hate old age. This fibrofog that is getting to me really sucks. I firmly believe it is someone else's turn to be sick and tired!!