Friday, November 30, 2007

Beginning of Christmas Season

Yesterday our daughter and I went out and got some supplies to make a Christmas wreath. We both have had ours for years and we thought we could easily do one as nice as what was in the stores for qa fraction of course. And technically had we just gotten exactly what we needed for just 2 wreaths we would have been fine. But of course never having made one before we bought WAY TOO MUCH stuff ending up with enough to do half a dozen wreaths. Plus add in the gas driving around looking for one store, lunch out, all the extras we bought in the store that was second only to literally heaven to scrapbookers we would have been fine. As it was we spent enough have gone away overnight at a hotel hehehe. But it was all worth it!


Carmen said...

Now THAT is a serious wreath!! Holy cow, how much stuff did you buy?? Hilarious.

Mary Siever said...


Lovely wreaths! Too bad I wasn't there, would have joined in I badly need a new wreath!!