Thursday, November 29, 2007


So yesterday was my first visit with the physiotherapist. Did not go actually as she had planned. She had me stand straight up against a wall with my back and feet touching the wall as well. She checked my spine and said that normal people will actually have their back curving inwards to their belly button but mine curved towards the back. She could not even get a hand there. so she did some exercises to try and get me to do that. nOpe not going to work. So she had been stand in front of her to watch me walk back and forth. She said I had terrible posture. No ya think?? I am in constant pain because I can't walk properly or lay down yadda yadda yadda yes my postures is going to be bad, DUH!

then she tried to press her fingertips along the spine to feel the vertebrates and I told her to NOT touch the lumbar and sacral ones please. She was going along and then made the mistake of touching the ware. Down I went right on my face, I thought I was going to pass out. They had to come in and lay me down as I wasn't sure if I was going to throw up or pass out I got so sick from the pain.

She finally was able with some help, come to a conclusion that are my muscles around my spine and leg/pelvic joints are not applicable in this case. They are just sitting there looking pretty. So she gaveme some ultrasound for abit to try adn elliviate the pain as she did not want me to leabve while I was like that but I said that's ok trust me i live like this every day.

I used to beg for one day just one day of ppain free day but now months later I just pray for one hour pain free. Life would be so simpler,So here it is 1am and have been out of bed for my morning routine of pacing the floor around around around my house so I don;t have to sit down. And my mission tomorrow is to locate Clippers Street Store if it kills me. I Have driven in that supposedly area for a year now so really am hoping to find it.

That of course along with Montanas Waffle dessert!! No kidlets tomorrow. Dearest Uncle Curt will be watching the girls so it will be kid free day and jus ta mother daughter day to do soome Christmas shopping. I have my purse packled with all my drugs and I am going to SHOP till I drop. We both want to maek our very own front door wreaths tomorrow and make some "Carm Balls" :)

Now I just have to figure out how to do thi swhen I can't even figure howe to go to bed LOL

But I have yet to lose my sense of humour lol


Carmen said...

I still don't know how you do it... You amaze me!! Good luck with the shopping!!