Friday, November 09, 2007

Consequences and Actions

Our children were raised on the premise that there are always consequences to your actions. Sometimes they are good other times not so good. My last entry showed some pictures of my incredibly disorganized office. I am not like that. I like knowing where everything is and where I can put my fingers on something at any given moment. It was driving me crazy working in here but I had too many things on the go to stop and put things away as I was working. Wrong.

I literally spent the last 24 hours searching the entire house for my birth certificate. I did not go to bed or sleep at all last night as I tore through the rooms. Even had Keith lift the washer and dryer up at 5:30 this morning in case by some strange coincidence it had fallen behind either of them although why that would have happened I do not know. But nothing.

I had planned on going to Seattle with 2 other women this weekend to attend a large family history seminar this weekend. We had agreed to go on the Friday night and share the cost of a hotel room and then did not have to worry about the border line up Saturday morning. Now I feel like I let them down.

I have cleaned my office to where it should have been but never found the card. I tried calling that office asking how I go about getting a replacement one this morning and they laughed and said to try again. I have to apply in writing and it will take a minimum 2 weeks for it to come from Victoria.

I am sad right now.. really sad. Keith at one point when I called him for the hundredth time this morning, said maybe there was a reason why I was not to go. I hate it when he uses that logic on me :( The way I looked at it, if I wanted something bad enough I must have needed it. One of the classes I had registered for was on the new program Legacy!! I absolutely have fallen in love with the graphics on it. We have the deluxe version of it at our family history centre so I wanted to take a class on how to maneuver through it. And with the exchange rate of course was planning on SHOPPING!

Oh well I guess those are the consequences of my actions. I also guess you are never too old to practice what you preach to your children!