Thursday, December 13, 2007

Buh Humbug

Here I sit wondering why on earth I can't get into the Christmas spirit. I am just going through the motions and yet don't feel it inside. Our tree is up, most of my baking is done. But Keith is totally wrapped up with a huge project at work so hasn't had the time to put up the outside lights (I physically am not able to otherwise I just would do it myself), my angel that goes on top of the tree is still sitting on the dining room table as he has been too swamped to work on it to see what's wrong. He bought me that angel for our 1st Christmas together so it is 19 years old and it means a lot to me to have it ON our tree working.

We are having our family Christmas dinner this Friday as we leave next week for Alberta to be with our one son and his family so our dinner is 10 days early. The rest of our family aren't very happy with the situation as it means no dinner with family on the 25th. We haven't figured out what we are going to do with our stockings either as Santa always fills them and if we have them for the kids on the 14th then how did Santa fill them so we might just wait till we get back and have them open them there saying Santa came here while we were gone.

The littlest thing is such a struggle these days. I am over tired. My physio is not helping and I no longer can do it first thing in the morning before I got out of bed otherwise I could NOT get out of bed and that is just not acceptable.It just doesn't feel like Christmas to me. I haven't watched a single video that we normally watch like The Miracle on 34th Street and It's a Wonderful Life, the radios aren't even on to listen to music.

To top it off, Sudafed no longer manufactures the allergy medication that I have been taking for years. The pharmacist finally explained why I have not been able to locate it anywhere. They said it had been substituted for a different formula and it would work the same. Guess What? It does not. Thanks alot to you drug dealers and addicts out there that misused something that help the rest of us. Because of you now I have to go without and suffer with allergy induced migraines.

Could I possibly sound any crankier? I am just so sick and tired of being sick and tired. Literally.


Carmen said...

HUGS!!!! That is all I have right now. I will think of more later!! hee hee