Thursday, November 15, 2007

Back to Nature

I really hate these waking up at 4:30 days. I don't know what gives or why this happens so much but it sure makes for extremely long days. I was watching a news story yesterday and sorry but I forgot already what show it was but they had a health section on it where they were discussing the chemicals we use to clean our house. Then they went on to say the illnesses we suffer and our children suffer can originate from these chemicals.

Now I have a sensitivity to smells. If I walk past a place that is tarring a roof it means a migraine in literally seconds. Mold does the same thing. Because of the rain in our neck of the woods and window frames that aren't the best, we get a lot of moisture buildup on the windows and sills. If I don't wipe these down every day mold forms. Our bedroom is the worst as I have to keep the blinds shut as it is near the main entrance to the building and having people looking into our window does not thrill me. So at times I forget to wipe that window down. Then what happens is I go to wake up in the morning and my face feels like it met with a brick wall. It reminds me of the window. Keith then has to spray Tilex on there but I can't even be in the house for hours after he uses it as it makes me so sick.

Ok I am rambling.. sorry... so when I was watching this show it made me think of the mold and the Tilex and the bleach I use etc etc and it also made me think of my grandchildren that are always here. So I decided to make a conscious effort to go back to using natural products to clean. So I will be off to the library when it opens to see what I can find for books of switching over.

I remember growing up our cleaning products consisted of comet and pine sol. Period. Vinegar and water were used to wash windows, baking soda for sinks and counters. The Comet was for the toilets. One father 4 brothers enough said! I don't know how successful it will be but I shall keep you all posted. Although in my defense I don't know how I will live without my Mr. Clean wipes and Vim spray!!!


Carmen said...

I am an all natural cleaner. I use vinegar and hot water to clean all the appliances and the sinks and the mirrors. And I use a diluted bleach solution or a lemon juice solution to clean the showers and tubs. Now, I do use a commercial toilet bowl cleaner. I have a phobia about toilets to begin with, so I need to fool myself into thinking that the commercial brands will clean them better!! hee hee But Ethan is very sensitive to chemicals and a long time ago I had to change the way I was doing things around here.