Monday, November 12, 2007

Me and Celine

I am soooo excited!!! I just found out tonight that Celine Dion is coming to Vancouver in Oct next year!! I am absolutely thrilled like you can not even imagine. Celine and I are best buds and have been forever! Well..........ok this best buds is only for real in my imagination but I have a very vivid imagination and for me if my mind can percieve then I can achieve. Right?

Tickets go on sale this coming Friday and when I was yelling at Keith through the house she was coming he asked how much the tickets were I said I have no idea but that I was going. He reminded me that we had agreed we would not do any large purchases as we are saving madly for our big trip taking our children and grandchildren to Hawaii and I said..oh sure rain on my parade why don't you! He said well Sally you have to decide where your priority is. So I smiled and said with you!! And supporting you while you work an extra couple of shifts of OT heheheh Then I ran!