Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Middle of the night rantings

My brain just will not stop talking tonight so finally got up and decided to answer a bunch of emails that were sitting in my inbox. Then I decided in honour of the fall season I would change the look of my blog to reflect the fall colors. I hate fall.. at least out here. The colors are a rainbow of oranges, vivid reds, many shades of green, yellows and browns. It is absolutely gorgeous as we watch the trees change color. But with fall comes the rain and with that comes pain. Hey that rhymes!!

So I changed the colors on my blog. I can't change Mother Nature although I do try but I can at least show my respect by doing the colors. What do you all think? Yes you I am talking to you lurkers that tell me you always read it hehehe. Thought I couldn't see through my magic screen huh?