Monday, September 07, 2009

Thankful for Smart Hubbies

For many MANY years Keith has always told me to always back up my work.. he usually says it AFTER I start freaking out thinking I have lost something.. well upset because I think I have lost it and that Keith has retrieved it which usually comes attached with a "did you back it up before you decided to change it" which I normally have to grudgingly say that I didn't or that I meant to right after I was done what I was doing which I hate admitting I didn't do something properly!!

Last while my blog template has been bugging me.. I wanted something new and fresh and so decided this morning I was going to work on it at 4:30 in the morning when I thought it was 9:30.. first mistake.. but I worked on it, changing this changing that moving things around.. the site kept reminding me to save it and I kept thinking uh huh just as soon as I am done this I don't want to lose my concentration... but then Keith's voice kept ringing in my head which was pretty good seeing as he was wrapped up in watching a movie.. but I finally did and kept working a couple of hours more.... so I hit save and went to check out the new site..

YUK!!! I did not like it.. did not like the formatting, was missing several links and html gadgets that I thought I had entered in.. groan groan groan.,.. Keith kept asking what was wrong of course of which I replied nothing! Heaven forbid I would have to tell him I lost my site and ask for help. I HATE asking for help.. drives me crazy.. especially if it is for help because of something I neglected to do.. but then his inside voice spoke out about backing up and thought WOOHOOO I did back it up, pulled it out and the site was back to the way it originally was with all my links... phewwww.. thanks Keith :) I love you too :) Even when you are right.. but you being right does NOT mean I was wrong hehehehee

But now back to formatting...........


Carmen said...

NICE background!! hee hee

Sally said...

hehehehe you like?? :)I was looking for beachy and crafty.. I originally wanted something sophisticated but then thought who on earth would ever believe that about me lol but man it took me forever to get it completed.. it isn't quite "right" yet but am working on it