Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fooz table and toys

We have this big yard sale coming up on Saturday to raise money and awareness for the Run for the Cure race that I am doing next month. I have been asking, nicely of course, if friends and families have items from their homes that they had been wanting to get rid of that they would willingly donate it to me for such a good cause. All week I have been collecting things filling every square foot (at least in Keith's mind) with stuff for the sale.

But 2 incidences happened this week that really touched me. One of our neighbors and friends have 3 children, 8, 6 and 4 years of age. They have a Fooz (sp?) table that they had planned on selling so they could have some spending money. When their mom told them what I was doing they decided, on their own according to mom, that they would donate it for our yard sale so the doctors would fine a cure so I didn't get cancer again. And one of our granddaughters who protects her toys with every being of her little body and would never ever let them go, decided to let Mommy and Daddy pack them all up to bring to the sale so that Nana would never get sick like she did last year.

How do you respond to something like? By swallowing the thick lump in your throat.


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