Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sleep Sleep Sleep

Or rather lack of it.. so today begins my 6 day regime of no medication. Nothing Nada Rien, I am scheduled for a 2 nights and day sleep study at the UBC hospital beginning Monday night. For 2 nights they will hook me up with all the electrodes and read how I sleep. After the second night, I will remained hooked up all the following day so they can gauge how I react from sleep deprivation... uh... come hang around me on any given day. Sitting at the hospital with nothing to do doesn't give you a true reading.

But I can handle all that. It is the get off all medication beginning today that won't be so easy, no get out of bed card, no do not go past the bed card, and the do not collect your medication card. No medication for my FM, nothing for my restless leg syndrome (Keith has truly been missing his black and blue shins)and definitely no medication that fools my brain into thinking it actually is sleeping so it stops talking to itself and actually goes into deep sleep so my body heals.

Good thing I have the yard sale on Saturday so I can keep busy and not go to bed at all :)