Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday a day of rest

Keith has really been on my case to slow down this past year and a half and to me I am already slowed down!! But what he said really hit home these last 2 weeks while I have been helping with my friend's husband for her funeral. So I told him last week that I would consciously keep one day a week completely work free..not even computer work although emails were ok. You would think that would be a snap right? WRONG!

Every time I turned around today I could feel Keith's eyes on me or hear his throat clearing. I don't know which was worse..sitting still or knowing he was watching me lol. I had promised I wouldn't do more then go to church, make meals and read or do letters etc. At one point I was on the couch reading and he was watching a movie and he tells me that tapping my foot against the coffee table was NOT being quiet and that he knew I really wasn't really reading because he knows I am a speed reader but had not turned a page in several minutes..sheeesh. Who would have thought staying still would be so difficult?? My mom has also been really on my case since last year as well telling me to slow down, asking me if I had a nap that day.. uhhh mom I had a 53 mother of 5 and grandmother of 14 I am too told to be go to my room for a nap... of course I would NEVER say that with my outside voice..nope nope nope. I am never too old to be brave enough to say that out loud!

So I decided to at least work on my day timer tonight for this coming week seeing as I couldn't do anything else productive today. Although I did do spagetti squash and some homemade sauce for dinner. Last week was an emotional and mentally busy week..this week I can put my brain on R&R and have a normal week.

Monday am: Executive meeting
Monday afternoon: doctor appointment (just for checkup so no worries!)
Monday evening: do rest of grocery shopping, go to ICBC for insurance for the new car; work on getting handouts for October's seminar

Tuesday am: put battery in car; take car to Air-Care, get it to the car wash and clean it out;
Tuesday afternoon: make some homemade pasta dough ahead of time for Wednesday's class I am teaching so I have some extra on hand, not too sure how many people will be at the class
Tuesday night: go through dining room and kitchen for items for Saturday's yard sale; write our recipes for Wednesday's class; work on October's seminar

Wednesday morning: Take Rosaleen to her first full day of Kindergarten, gather up all equipment for tonight's class and get it to Suncreek common room
Wednesday afternoon: print all the recipes, double check attendance and list items; send out all letters and schedules to family history centres and genealogical societies in BC
Wednesday evening: Teach homemade pasta and sauces class; clean up and get all things back home

Thursday morning: get all instruction packets out to all the presenters for October's seminar; go through linen closet and bathrooms for yard sale
Thursday afternoon: go to work
Thursday evening: Get poster boards and supplies for yard sale posters; go through spare bedroom for items

Friday morning: go through office for sale itmes.. try not to panic but yet be objective to getting rid of things
Friday afternoon: do up posters and pink ribbons/signs etc; start pricing items; do some baking of items for kids snack table to sell
Friday evening: focus on yard sale, make sure I've gone through the house with a fine tooth comb, try not to nag at Keith to go through his things and the storage room; get hot dogs and pop for the sale; get posters out in the neighborhood

Saturday morning and afternoon: YARD SALE!!
Saturday evening: Keith's surprise birthday party

Sunday: day of rest

I think that's about it for this week.


Sally said...

So far this week.. I got everything accomplished that I had for Monday except insure car as I didn't realize the previous owner had forgotten to sign the actual registration.. ugh.. Have gotten some of Wednesday's and Thursday's items already done. Only got the grocery shopping done today so far when I walked to the store. Keith was tied up with the Jeep last night plus I was cranky from having been to the doctors so was not in the mood to go shopping.

So this afternoon will get the pasta dough made and then tonight will go through the kitchen. Tomorrow I lose a lot of hours as I have to go back downtown to see the surgeon which was very unexpected :( And because the car still is not insured I have to do the 3 hours and 20 minute round trip.. ugh... But other then that am on track.