Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Shoe Additction:NOT!

So Keith and I are watching TV tonight while we have our laptops on the dining room table doing work and Ikea comes out with this bedroom closet organizer commercial. It shows a couple getting all dressed up fancy but neither speak it is just the Ikea narrator having this 2 sided conversation. You know kind of the inside voice versus outside voice that we all have had.. you know what I am talking about.. you know when people ask you how you are doing and you say oh fine and smile and the whole time you are cringing with a migraine.. yeah you.. see I knew you did that.

Any way.. the man is taking a tie out of a tie drawer (now that is OCD.. have you seen how neat that drawer is and how each tie has it's own compartment.. oh puhlease!) and smiles at his wife but the guy is thinking how lucky his wife is that her 73 shoes never fell on his head. I snorted or some similar thing.. the wife's shoes are all above his head and each shoe is securely held in place with individual hooks. I said what? Keith said that guy knows the truth.. what??? He said why do women have to have such shoe addictions.. what shoe addictions? There was hardly any shoes on the wall!! I mean he had a WHOLE drawer of ties.. get real! Keith replies about how ALL women have a shoe addiction that even our 4 year old granddaughter has more shoes then most adult women. I replied I don't have a shoe addiction.. now his turn to snort and asks if I even know how many pairs of shoes I own... no why would I need to know that? He said guess... I said I don't know maybe 20 pairs.. he laughs out LOUD and says he has 3 and 1 doesn't count cause they are his work boots.. well duh.. how many screwdrivers do you have? He said Solange (I hate that tone... )I need those for work,, uh huh then why are they in my storage room...

So he said you don't even know how many pairs you have do you? Sure I do.... He said you don't even know how many BLACK pairs of shoes you have.. yes but they are all different shoes..how many different pairs do you need.. uh.. dressy high high heel for dress up, flats for skirts and leggings, loafers for pants, pumps for other skirts, slingbacks just because every girl needs sling backs.. open toed sling back because uh I am a girl hello!! Then I need leather ones and suede ones and matte ones and high gloss ones.. the eye rolls begin at this time with the tongue sticking out his cheek..

Ok and how many white ones do you have and how many colored shoes and how many brown ones.. I only have 2 pairs of brown I say in self-defense! One high heel pump and 1 loafer so he goes to get the other "brown" ones.. uh Keith that is not brown that is taupe and that one is sand and that one is beige and that one is nude.. there goes the eye roll again.

So he bets me supper dishes of who gets closer to the amount of shoes I have.

Keith: 34
Sally: 25
Actual: (not counting flip flops cause we all know those are not considered real shoes thank goodness)
35 pairs of shoes
3 pairs of runners
5 pairs of boots

It's not important to dwell on who's right in this case.. the important thing is that we all learn a lesson through all this.. and I will think of what that could possibly be while I load the dishwasher!


Carmen said...

Ummm, I don't even want to know how many I have because then I will know exactly how much money is scattered between my master closet and the hall closet and the spare bedroom closet and the basement basket... Oh boy, I had better quit thinking about this before I begin to cry...

Sally said...

that's ok today Keith said we should count my lipsticks then tomorrow my purses and then next week my satchels and briefcases hehehe