Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Happy Canada Day

Well yesterday did not start off well, Senthia (our 14 year old granddaughter) and I spent the better part of all that day and evening baking and cooking for our big family celebration the next day. I was purely exhausted but wanted to finish watching the movie I had been waiting to see, but ended up falling asleep! So when I did wake up it was about 3 and pitch dark in the bedroom. I needed to go potty so go in the bathroom and as I was trying to get to the light switch my top half of my body wanted to go forward but my legs were going backwards and when my calves hit the back of the tub it hit with enough force cause I was already unstable on my feet, that I just fell backwards. I hit the back of my head on the tiled wall and then hit my right shoulder on the soap dish thingy that sticks out of the wall then fell in a heap in the tub. Apparently I made some type of noise cause Keith came flying in the bathroom completely disoriented and then asks me if maybe I shouldn't get undressed BEFORE I climb in the tub for a bath!! Gee thanks Keith. The removal process was not any easier. Normally he would just have taken my hands and pulled up but now he can't do that because of the chest muscles. In any other situation I am sure what we were doing would have equaled something out of the Three Stooges let me tell you. But he got me out my hero and tucked me in bed..... a few minutes later I very quietly say "Keith I still have to go pee"! Poor man... He must really love me lol

Needless to say when I got up finally in the morning I had a nasty headache but that never stopped me. Senthia (Our granddaughter) and I started in on the decorations and the food. It was a very very nice day with family and friends AND!!!! To boot!! We found out we are going to be grandparents again! So numbers 13 and 14 are on the way.

I had found this 3 game set at Walmart for 19.99. It has a volleyball/badminton net, a volleyball, 4 badminton rackets and a set of horseshoes. So that was set up on one side of the backyard. Then we had race games and tug a war going on in the other half. We also had a social area for those that did not want to participate or were not able to join in the games. It had been a pot luck dinner and I had said that foods had to be red, white or a combination of red and white. And everyone followed through. We had scalloped potatoes with red bacon bits made into a Canada flag, A potato salad with red tomatoes made into flowers as garnish, BBQ ribs, honey garlic chicken wings for white, sun dried tomatoes tortilla chips and red salsa and white sour cream, home made sundaes, strawberry shortcake, sheet cake with Canadian flag made with raspberries and strawberries, then we had one of our sons bring all kinds of fruits to make slushies all day and evening, another brought watermelon. We had tons of food and we all went to bed on full tummies! All the prizes for the games were items that either had the word Canada on it or the Canadian flag on it. The kids were pretty excited even some of the adults.

All in all it was a great celebration of a day that makes me thankful to be a citizen. I am proud of my heritage and any time I can celebrate I am a French-Canadian I do.


Carmen said...

You are so patriotic! I am very impressed. But I am NOT impressed with your bathroom gymnastics... And congratulations on the additions to the family!! How exciting! Who is expecting?

Mary Siever said...

And we missed it :( Sounds like lots of fun though! That's exciting for Jody and Linda and Rosaleen must be thrilled!