Saturday, June 21, 2008

Crazy hectic life!

I swear my days are getting away from me!! It's almost at the end of June and I am still looking for January! I am going to bed later, getting up earlier and still my day goes whipping by me like I am standing still. I was talking to Keith just a couple of days ago and told him that 7 months ago I got my new job, huge factor in my life on it's own, 2 weeks later I was diagnosed with bread cancer. (God has a wicked sense of humour obviously to give me that kind of responsibility and then have cancer pop up!)6 months later I have had a double mastectomy, visits to the surgeon's every other week, doctors appointments in between, physio twice a week, 2 more surgeries coming up this summer, then at work, my left hand assistant and now my right hand assistant have been released so am left wandering around in the dark trying to figure out what the heck I am doing. And of course doing all this while stepping on people's toes. Obviously one of my unknown talents.

And speaking of toes, I have broken one of mine. I walked blindly into a wall at 4am this morning. Like I didn't know the wall was there!! I was on my way to bed and guess misjudged the distance in the dark. Normally I have a night light on but had given it to one of my granddaughters that was sleeping over.

Work is closed for all of July. Thank goodness!! Hopefully I can then get caught up, get the new executive committee members trained and ready to go in August when we reopen. We have a huge Genealogical Seminar in October that am trying to wrap my brain up in. I am a perfectionist (oh yea I heard that snort Carm lol) and madly trying to make sure every little detail is taking care of. Which is quite difficult when I don't know what all these details involve. Blind faith!

We are having a Canada Day party here. Normally we go to Cloverdale park to watch the fireworks and spend the day but lately the vendors for rides etc have gotten quite expensive so we stopped going. Yesterday I was at the dollar store with 3 granddaughters and cleaned them out of theme stuff, prizes for games we are going to play. Food is going to be all red, white or a combination of both! I think it will be pretty cool!

To top it all off have been continually planning our big family trip to Hawaii for February which is coming up so incredibly fast! And now Keith with his raised blood sugars and cholesterol levels I have been working hard at making sure all his meals are healthy and varied but he tends to skip lunch as he is always on the go so salads are a no hit as they get wilted by the time he gets around to eating it. Same goes for soup that he can reheat at work. He ends up eating it cold after the 4th time of reheating it. Very hard trying to come up with things that are appealing, and yet not always some kind of sanwhich.

So that's what's been going on with me. Same old same old different day :)


Carmen said...

Ahhh, the constant struggles of a perfectionist... hee hee It is a self imposed hardship - but we can't help it... And I totall hear you on the broken toe thing. I did that a few months ago - smacking my toe into the ottoman while I was vaccuming. It hurt like crazy and then turned all black and grew to 10x its size... And now I am SURE I can feel the weather changing in it! ha ha

Mary Siever said...

oh mum, you broke your toe?? yikes!! i hope it is healing fast!

Sally said...

Well it was almost till I went to Costco to get groceries.. it was so packed in there on Friday with everyone wanting things for the long weekend etc that I came around a corner and jammed the last 2 toes of same foot against the cement pillar as I was trying to get around some idiot that had left their cart in the middle of the aisle while they looked at some display.. then one of the wheels got locked on something that was on the floor and when I went to yank on the cart (which was loaded) it gave out in one heave as I grimaced in pain from using my chest muscles and immediately dropped the end of the cart on the other remaining toes!

But other then that it is healing pretty good :) although I have to find a different nail polish to match though