Sunday, July 13, 2008

Summer Reading TO DO List

The other day I was telling one of my granddaughters about a tradition I had with her mom and uncles all the years they were growing up. The first Saturday in June our library (which was huge) had their annual book sale. We saved for ages for this date. We would get up very early that morning and always be the first ones in the line up. We would have packed a picnic lunch as there was a park across the street (right in the middle of downtown although I can't think of the name of it right now) where we would take a break at lunch time and go through our books for a break. We were such seasoned regulars that we knew at 2pm or so that the big trucks at the back of the parking lot would open their doors and they would sell boxes of books for a couple of dollars each. Now these were the big produce crates kind of boxes. I would let the kids know it was getting to be close to 2 and we would wander over to the trucks and just stand there with our carts and carrying stuff, and people looking at us like we were weird.

But we were always the first in line for that as well. You never heard a word from any of us for WEEKS after that day as we would be all in our own little corners reading. Keith always said that it was one of the few things that it didn't matter that he hates reading and only does it under great duress, the boys all inherited my love of reading.. at least back then they did.DNA through osmosis I guess.

I had hundreds and hundreds of books and when we had to move to BC the only moving company that we could find to move us went by weight not by distance as per norm. Because most of the kids were very upset that I was moving them lock stock and barrel, I let them take what I could get away with which meant I left all my books behind to save on the total weight.

We lived at that library and at times when they were trying to annihilate one another or I was running out of hair to pull out from stress I knew that all I had to say was that we were going to the library for Family Home Evening that night and that was the end of that noise.

There is only one kind of store that has a greater pull on me then a shoe/purse store and that is a book store. Keith had to go to a Bell outlet at Guildford Mall yesterday to get an attachment for his work cell which thrilled me no end (said quite sarcastically) so told Keith I was just going to wander down the mall for a bit. I come around the corner and lo and behold not one but TWO book stores are having a sidewalk sale with 50-70% off sales!! Be still my heart.

How many times can one girl say eenie meenie miney mo? I finally pared it down to 5 books. I wanted way more but I limited myself to what I knew I could easily read over the course of the summer as I had also just bought one in the states a couple of weeks ago that I have just started reading. What I would like to do is after I finish reading one, do a review of it on here and you can tell me if you agree or disagree with me :)

It was ironic that the first book I put my hand on was one on paranormal activity. Ironic because I had just posted on that very topic a few days ago. I did a lot of switching from one book to another, one genre to another and Keith just stood there going from one foot to another as he switched the weight of books from one arm to another as I kept changing my mind. What a good man he is!!!! I never tell him enough times!

So here is my summer reading list. I wonder if Oprah would be interested in any of them hehehe

1. When Ghosts Speak - understanding the world of earthbound spirits -whether we're aware of them or not, ghosts or spirits are always among us - learning the difference between earthbound spirits and those who have crossed over; learn why some remain on the earthly plane and how long they have before their "White Light" disappears.

2. Strong at the Broken Places - This book is born of the desire of many to share their stories in the hope that the sick and those that love them will see that they are not alone; though individual's illnesses wreaks havoc in different ways, this book will show how our experiences are strikingly similar and offer lessons for us all - on self-determination, on courage in the face of adversity and public ignorance, on keeping hope alive, and on finding strenght and peace under the most difficult of circumstances. We are strong at the broken places, stronger then we think.

3. The Gift - ESP the Extraordinary Experiences of Ordinary People - Compelling scientific evidence for the reality of ESP, covering the research of precognition, clairvoyance and telepathy; research on the fascinating role played by our personalities, our psychological, physical and emotional states in terms of helping or hindering ESP. The author also examines the psychological impact such unusual experiences can have on your life and offers you helpful rules for successfully integrating these ESP experiences into your life.

4. Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Dreams - the indispensible bedside reference for todays' dreamers, reflecting the changes that have affected our waking hours and inevitably influence the content and significance of the messages we receive while we sleep

***As a side note for those of you not already aware, I have what is commonly called Alpha Delta Sleep Disorder which basically means I do not go into REM sleep; I dream constantly making for very restless sleep and my body never relaxes. I spent many a night at the Sleep Clinic at UBC hospital before they finally diagnosed me. The end result as was explained to me was that although their machines logged me as having "slept" for 7.5 hours my brain activity while I was asleep was actually greater then the average person during their waking moments. Keith of course told the specialist if I learnt to just stop talking during the day I could sleep at night lol. So this book caught my eye. Maybe if I can figure out why I dream so much and the kinds of dreams I have I can actually sleep

5. What the Medical Profession May NOT Tell You about Fibromyalgia - The authors have seen symptoms eliminated and normal living restored in an astonishing 90% of FM sufferers; find out guidelines, methods for coping with symptoms; links between FM, hypoglycemia and carbohydate intolerance- and suggested dietary changes that can heal.

*** another side this illness consumes such a large part of my day and my life, if I can learn something new that will help me live a better day then I am all for it.

6. Hearing The Voice of the Lord - If thou shalt ask, thou shalt receive revelation upon revelation, knowledge upon knowledge, that thou mayest know the mysteries and peaceable things- that which bringeth joy, that which bringeth life eternal.

So that makes up my summer reading list. Something for each part of my life, spiritual, physical, emotional, mental and just plain fun.