Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Epicure find

When I was at mom's in February I was visiting over at one of my cousins' home and noticed this really cool spice cabinet with matching jars. When I commented on their unique look she asked if I had never heard of this company. She also mentioned that the company is based out here. I had never heard of them. They do home based shows like Tupperware etc but the coolest thing is 90% of their inventory is under 10 bucks!! Right up my budget!

So when I came home I contacted the company to find a representative. As my surgery was up and coming it took a couple of months before I could host my own show. I LOVED IT!! They bring all these spices and make up dips and spreads etc then we have a tasters time. Oh man! Everything tasted amazing! You know like when you take a tomato right out of the garden and you think oh yes this is what they are supposed to taste like after having a year full of forced grown store boughts?? You taste the basil and the dill and the sage etc and your mouth goes into this frenzy of MORE MORE MORE!

She also had made this hot dip in a sour dough bread bowl that we all cleaned out let me tell you. I did have plates etc to fill and then go back in the living room to snack and socialize but we never moved away from the table. We just stood there and ate. Even Keith who isn't a fan of dips etc loved them. Then the representative told Keith (when he complained about chick foods and why they never have real foods at these shows) that they do a main course show and that she would be more then happy to come back.

I got a jar of "pot roast" blends and when I made a pot roast last week the smells in the house made you salivate I tell you! So check out their website "http://www.epicureselections.com/" and if you interested in coming to our next one in the fall let me know!


Carmen said...

Sounds delish!!