Friday, September 21, 2007

Weird stuff going on

So you can't guess what I did last night or what my body did? I had taped Survivor and last season ending of CSI (I like to watch season endings just before the premiere so I can remember how something ended ) and watched Survivor. Keith went to bed and I started to watch CSI. Then it seemed like I was still watching tv but all of a sudden I smelt burning, the alarm was going off and there was loud noise coming from kitchen so jumped off the chair as Keith came running in the kitchen and here there were eggs popping all over :( I guess I had put eggs on to boil for egg salad for Keith's lunch and forgot I did it. The water was all gone and the eggs were very hard boiled so bad they were exploding all over the kitchen! That is just one night. Most nights in last couple of weeks on being on this new drug I wake up in the morning or Keith wakes me up in the middle of the night to ask what was I doing??? I think I am going to check out the medication online for side effects. Poor Keith!! Good thing I can lump all this activity under "worse" part of the better for worse section of our marriage vows hehehe