Thursday, September 20, 2007

Duh Moment

Here is something that should make you smile. It is just after midnight right now and was thinking I should go put my jammies on before Keith goes to bed and I looked down and realized I was already wearing my bottoms!!! I remembered my mom had called this morning while I was getting dressed and I was in a rush to head out so finally said bye and left to run errands, met Lareta for lunch, we went and did some shopping .... all the time I am wearing a nice sweater and my pajama bottoms!! Wait till I ask Lareta tomorrow what she was thinking letting me out in public wearing jammies!!


Anonymous said...

It was only jammie bottoms not the whole outfit. Not to worry everyone does it. LOL


Carmen said...

Okay... well... (snicker snicker) I am sure you were just distracted by your mom's call... (hee hee hee) and I am sure Lareta knew you probably had a lot on your mind (ha ha haaaaa)! You are priceless!! HUGS