Sunday, September 09, 2007

Being 50 ish

I was watching a rerun of Oprah the other day and I am glad I did. I don't normally watch daytime story shows like them but I had been flipping channels and she came on. She was doing a show on women who are past 50, these are women who are powerful in their own right. So I decided instead of concentrating that I was now over a half of a century old I would find positive things about being the age I am. And who knows... maybe someone or more then one person that reads this will say hey yea I can DO that. So here goes... what I learn by the time I hit Fiftyish:

1. I finally figure out how to be a parent and my children are adults and moved away from home.. COME HOME!! I finally know how to do this

2. That it is more important to sit on the floor playing with a grandchild then it is to be washing floors.

3. I can wear a purple dress with large red cabbage roses on it. Not that I ever would but if I wanted to I could

4. I don't have to follow the latest fashion craze

5. I can now blame all my screw ups and mistakes on senior DUH moments.

6. My parents were right when they said "Stay in school"

7. Families ARE THE MOST important thing in your life

8. That although I have to pick my battles I do not have to win each war

9. That I can and do stand up for what I believe instead of listening to someone saying "that's the way it's always been done"

10. That I can say no when I am asked something and then not feel guilty afterwards,. (Seems like I still have work to do on this one ;)

11. That's it's ok to have your dessert before you have your meal.

12. That if I don't cross everything on my to do list it is ok it will all be there for me tomorrow.

13. That I am more in tuned with my inner Spirit then at any other time in my life.

14. That it is good to cry in front of people. And although I know this in my head my heart is a lot slower in heeding that call but I am working on it.

15. That who cares if hubby and I stay in jammies all day long on his days off and we just watch movies and tv shows on tapes we made of our family since day 1.

There are more but I am still working on that.


Carmen said...

Those are valuable things to have realized! Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Yah!! Ain't it great being over 50. HA HA.
Good for you for realizing some of those things on your list. I seem to recall someone telling you some of those things.