Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sally wants....

Ok this is HILARIOUS!!! I have been laughing so hard doing this that it actually has been helping the strain and dryness in my eyes from the drops cause I have been crying laughing hehehe. This is what you do... go to your google search.. and type in using quotation marks the following "your own name wants" such as "sally wants" and then copy the top 10 page links it gives you. You can also do "your name needs" . Then let me know what yours says :)

1. Sally wants a man she can call her own

2. Sally wants full track for free (not sure what track I want but ok)

3. Sally wants to go MP3 searching

4. Sally wants can't talk but her drawings kick butt :)

5. Sally wants to go

6. Sally wants to be taken for granted

7. Sally wants some of these photos

8. Sally wants me to give her what she wants (well DUH!!0

9. Sally wants bbc please

10. Sally wants to be a surgeon