Sunday, February 22, 2009

Being Grateful

Today at church we had a lesson on being grateful. It was discussed that at times with all the negative news around us, all the busyness of our lives that we don't take the time to appreciate all the goodness in our lives. So right now I would like to say what I am grateful for right now in my life.

-to be alive
-to be married to Keith
-to have the children and grandchildren that Heavenly Father has blessed me with
-to live in such a beautiful place surrounded by mountains and water
-to be free to worship God the way I want
-to still have my mom alive
-to have brothers and sisters in laws that love me
-for my job
-for the staff that work with me
-for Keith's priesthood
-to have a husband who loves me as much as he does and who never goes a single day without telling me how beautiful I am
-for my almost sisters
-for the friendships that I have cultivated over the years
-for finding new cousins this past week that even though we are 5th cousins twice removed, it still is new family and I can never have too big of a family
-for my passion for genealogy
-to live at a time where modern technology has allowed me to keep connected with family and friends from all over the world. (and yes I know I complain about too much electronic static hehehe)

And finally yes I am even grateful for my cancer. Because it more then anything else has taught me how precious life is, how precious my family is, how I can never EVER stop being grateful for all that I have in my life. Today I am able to breathe, to love, to be loved, I can play house with my granddaughters and play video games with my grandsons; I am able to have them over for sleepovers, I am able to share family traditions that are such a part of who I am with my children; I am never too old to learn new things, I can still find joy at walking along the water at 6 in the morning with my children and grandchildren and forget that my joints hurt; I am able to grow old with my husband knowing that even when I am very old rocking in my chair in the back yard that he will still be there to help me up and give me a wet willie :)

Today I love my life and am very grateful.


Carmen said...

Good things to be grateful for. Thanks for the reminder! I am in need of it right about now...