Monday, February 16, 2009

grandsons vs granddaughters

HUH!! Bet you thought I was going to post a conversation that I had with one of our granddaughters huh? FOOLED YOU!! I am going to post about one with one of my grandsons hehehe

We are on on the first leg of our trip to Hawaii on the train to Seattle. Our 11 year old grandson was sitting beside me and we were just chit chatting. He kept saying I love you Nana and who's the bestest Nana etc. I would say thank you and then we would talk about stuff some more. We also would read our books and play card games. He kept snuggling against me and I would have my arm around him. At one point in the middle of reading this conversation starts:

Dallas: I love you Nana
Me: (smiling inside) I love you too Buddy
Dallas: (as he rubs my arm that is around him) you have soft skin Nana
Me: Well thank you Dallas

chit chat for a couple more minutes

Dallas: You really have REALLY nice skin Nana
Me: Well thank you you are really REALLY sweet for telling me that
Dallas: You smell soft too Nana
Me: "chuckling inside " Did Jen (his new to be step-mom) tell you to say that to me cause I let you come on the train with me?
Dallas: oh no I just said it cause it is true
Me: Well thank you again

chit chat for a couple more minutes then back to reading our books then all of a sudden this pops out of his mouth

Dallas: Remember when I said you had soft skin?
Me: Yes
Dallas: Well I was trying to remember what it was soft like and I just thought of it. Your skin is soft like rubber
me: (uhhhhhhhhh)
me: Well thank you Dallas... is that a good thing to have skin that feels like runner?
Dallas: Oh sure Nana, your skin doesn't feel like a bunch of bumps and rough like elbows, it's soft and smooth like rubber

then he curls back into my side and goes back to his book. I sit there stupefied thinking is that supposed to be a good thing? I mean a couple of months ago I had a granddaughter tell me that I was Barbie pretty but now a grandson tells me I have skin like rubber. Tonight I remembered to tell Keith aboht the conversation and we talked about how different boys were then girls and how they gave compliments. With a new grandchild coming in a couple of weeks we talked about what we thought it might be. We have 9 girls and 4 boys now and I am sure the males in our family would really like testerone to enter the gene pool. So when Keith asked me what I would rather have I just smiled and said well to be honest as long as the baby thinks I continue to look like a rubberized Barbie I am happy. I mean seriously what more can a Nana ask for????