Thursday, November 20, 2008

Spitting Nails

I am alternating between spitting nails and immense sadness right now so need to blow off steam. I just realized last night talking to our youngest son about our annual Christmas Tree trek that the first Saturday in December this year was on the 6th. I mean I KNEW that it was on the 6th but my brain has been so somewhere else lately that for some reason it did not register till last night. So I do the math and realize if we wait till that day to get the tree we will only have it up for about 2 1/2 weeks before Christmas plus it is one of our granddaughter's birthday that day and our tree decorating literally takes all day so they would not be able to finish before heading back home.

So when Keith got home this evening I talked to him and he said no problem we can go get it on the Saturday before.. COOL!! SO I go online to make sure they are open.. now this place is the best.. we have been going there since before the grandchildren were even born.. they are open.. open that day actually BUT this year they are not doing u-cuts.. what??? are you serious?? I read more and I guess they need to let their trees mature as word of mouth has made them pretty busy. They will have lots of pre-cuts but you can't go traipsing around the farm looking for one to cut. Well I can go to Superstore and get one already cut.. where is the fun in that????

So I went to Keith and told him and he said well just get one already cut.. duh!! I guess by my face he realized wrong question.. so he said well let's just go to another place.. not right thing either.. this year more then any other year I really needed tradition... I really need stability and things the same.. I need roots and family and everything the same. I really need that this year. Keith asked if I wanted him to call them and ask them if they would allow us just this once to go cut a tree and I said yes and he just cocked his head like he was talking to one of the little kids and quietly said Sally do you really think out of all the people that live out here that go there that they will let just one family through? And what happens when we walk out with a tree we just cut and all these other people are there just getting one pre-cut? I don't really care. That is beside the point. He just hugged me.. there was nothing he could do at that point.

First the pumpkin patch gets changed and now the Christmas tree farm. Not a good time to have changes for me. This was not the year. I am very very sad.

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I'm so sorry that your traditions are falling apart. I understand what it is like to have the world play dirty. I just figure it's all a plot against me--even paranoics have enemies.

I'm glad you have a good husband who gives you hugs. I hope the next piece of your traditions goes better.