Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kitchen makeovers

OK seriously, I do go to bed sometime during each night even if these pictures were taken at 2:30 this morning. I could not stand this one cupboard. Every time I would get something out of it I either could not find it, making me buy another one, or else things fell on top of me. So going in to get some Sleepytime Tea to calm my nerves down was the last straw when a bottle of oil fell on top of the toaster waking Keith up scaring him half to death. Poor man his nerves are so frayed looking after me! So what's a girl to do but take everything out, wash all the shelves off and put everything back :P Isn't that what you all do?


Carmen said...

Wow... You are just as scary as I am!! I am the one who as she is going out the door each morning decides there is enough time to put a load of laundry on and empty the dishwasher - while putting on my shoes! Hey, it CAN be done!! ha ha NICE cupboard!!