Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fit to be Tied

So the news station did a report from new findings from the health government. The higher echelons of power have now decided to tell women that they no longer should be doing monthly breast self exams as it causes them too much worry and unnecessary visits to doctors, for mammograms and ultrasounds let alone the costs of biopsies etc. I was so struck by what they were saying I was actually speechless!! Which says a lot for me!


Who the heck are you to tell me that or any other woman? Do you know what a slap in the face that is for every single female out there that has/had breast cancer?I went for my mammogram last April and it was "clear". 5 months later I found a lump. A lump that the mammogram should have picked up. When I went to my doctor she sent me for a biopsy and the technician told me that I didn't need the biopsy that my mammogram was clear that it was just hormonal and women could not expect the staff to do a biopsy for every single little lump. She went on to say that because of my age, it was probably due to hormones and beginning of menopause and not to worry about it.


I went back to my doctor who called the Radiologist on staff. A few weeks later I was sent back for the biopsy. From the first time I went for the mammogram in September when I found the lump to the biopsy was now 3 months. They did the biopsy and 2 days later was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer. If I had listened to the government and listened to that technician I would not be sitting here right now. 3 months later I had a double mastectomy. When they did the pathology after the surgery they found the cells to be very abnormal and reproducing too fast.

I would like whoever in the higher ups of the government who decided to tell that to women AND that technician to come into my home with my 5 children, my 4 in law children, my 13 grandchildren and my husband and tell them to their face of why I should have stopped doing monthly breast checks. I want them to explain to them why my doctor should not have insisted on that biopsy. Go ahead.I dare you.

The TV station should have done a follow up or at least do equal time to why women should continue with monthly self checks instead of a one sentence deal at the end of the story. I am so fuming right now I am likely to just copy and paste this and send it to the new station.