Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Who'll Stop the Rain??

Ok ok I get that we live in a green province .. I can appreciate it as much as the next guy that we have flowers blooming all year but come on... could we get some sun please anytime soon??????? I am so sick of this rain! I mean literally! Figuratively as well but I hurt.. this constant rain makes my fibro flare up unbelievingly and I keep trying to push through the pain but it won't let go of it's grip :(

I spent the weekend in Seattle with Curt, Lareta and the kids. I was able to go to the temple several times but it had been the first time I had been there since I had been diagnosed with the cancer and it was very hard. I had hoped to have gone in with Lareta so I wouldn't be alone but she just had not been able to go on Saturday. The trip down and going to the temple the Friday night had been too much. So I sat there trying to not breakdown or start acting out of control but it wasn't easy.

I have lost another member of my executive committee for the Family History Centre.. basically my right hand especially when it came to our annual seminar in October and my head is spinning trying to figure out what to do. I must be hard on the staff.. either that or our personalities are clashing or my feet are too big and I am stepping on too many toes :(

One of my sister in laws did come out all last week from Saskatchewan and we had a wonderful visit. Well at least I think we did. Keith and I kept thinking she was going to drop a bomb on us with why she was down (his family pretty much never comes out just to visit) and so we kept waiting. But she would keep saying no she had just come down to visit. So that was a wonderful way to relax and just sit and talk. One of my favorite things to do.

That's it for me.. on to my day or what's left of my night