Thursday, May 29, 2008

Time Flying By

Where has the month gone by? I am still looking for March and now it is the end of the month of May. When I was growing up I remember hearing my mother and her friends/family always saying the older they got the faster time went by. I would think it is the same 24 hours how can it possibly be faster? But now that I am more mature (notice I never said older?) I understand what they meant.

With having to take a couple of months off with my surgery my brain was busy and wanted to get moving to do something but then my body would betray me and say get to bed I need a nap. I mean... seriously... how many naps does one woman need in a day. I have things to do, people to see, and places to go to.

So I am back at work now 2 weeks and trying to play catch up. I have found out I could actually delegate. I wasn't very good at it but at least I tried my hardest. I actually had no problems delegating tasks I had problems letting people doing it at their speed which was not necessarily at mine.

We have a huge genealogical seminar every October and we have been already planning it. I hate leaving things till last minute but I never knew there was so much to do with it. Trying to get 30-40 presenters organized and motivated enough to get their infos in on deadlines was enough to get your hair being pulled out. I literally have to-do lists everywhere. I finally had to go get a huge white board for my office and drew out a grid map with all the hours and classes/instructors on it as my hard copy had so many arrows and notes I was having a hard time figuring out who was who. Now at least I can erase and add new info as needed. Much much better.

My highlight of the whole thing was I able to get someone from Legacy head office to come out and teach a class on Legacy which is a PHENOMENAL software program for family history. I got started using it about a year ago and absolutely love it. Mind you I like anything that is colorful and user friendly. So having them agree to send someone out was a huge BONUS.

So I have been working on that. Then I have been hustling my butt getting our big family trip to Hawaii planned out. Man who would have thought there would be so many little things to plan and take care of. Or how difficult it would be taking 23 people away for a week. I am a pleaser, to me everybody has to be happy and I am stressing myself out trying to make it perfect so that everyone remembers this trip and that I meet everyone's wish list.

Add to that I got my mom a "live" picture frame that I am working on. If you have never seen one it is an electronic picture frame where you download pictures onto a USB stick and then put the stick in the frame. It then takes all the pictures and puts them in a slide show. TRES COOL!! I saw it for the first time at my youngest brother's home earlier this year when I was there and I thought what a great idea for a present for my mom! So I have been taking ALL our pictures of children and grandchildren and putting them in some sort of order of the grandchildren with their parents in order so there is some semblance of unity. Keith asked why I just didn't copy all my picture folders over to the stick instead of them having to be in order. I guess I must have given him the one raised eye brow look cause he said never mind I forgot who I was talking to for a minute . lol

So there it is.. what I have been up to this last little while and why I haven't been on here much. Oh by the way I came across a couple of my high school yearbooks and have posted my picture. This is from 70-71 which would have made me 14 years old. I am in the bottom left hand corner. My maiden name is Cloutier in case you can't recognize me hehehe. Have a great rest of your day!


Kim Siever said...

Hawai'i will be memorable.

Carmen said...

That is priceless!! Oh my heck. Love the "work and play don't mix, so why work"! ha ha haaaa Killer.