Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Going On Strike!!

I want it to be known that on this night at 1:30am I am officially going to boycott all weather people and channels. I mean seriously!! How much rain can one area possibly need??? FOR SO LONG!! Usually March it starts to warm up we get some warm sunny days, our gardens go in and we are nice. Now middle of June and I still have the heat on in the house, my electric blanket is still on at night time on the bed and socks on my feet.

I can't sleep at might because I hurt. Every muscle aches. Imagine your worst ever flue and times it by 10. That's my life as an FM patient. Getting out of bed is a struggle. Getting in the tub is a struggle. If I need to be somewhere first thing in the morning like last 2 days in a row as well as tomorrow which makes three days, I am a basket case. I need undamp weather with sunny skies and no more atmospheric pressure!

So here is my plan of action of my boycotting.

1. I will not listen to any weather station or person (and yes that will mean I won't be able to know for sure if Tamma Taggart is pregnant again)

2. I will not go on to check out the next 2 weeks of weather.

3. I will not carry an umbrella with me every single time I go out the door

4. I will not turn the tv on to channel #18 to see what the weather channel says

6. And my last thing I am going to do is I am going to will summer to get here by my sheer determination and free will!! I think it therefore it shall happen. I mean hey they built a ball diamond and the people really did come out to play so why can't this happen? It's going to happen.. I have decreed it so!!