Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wants versus Needs

Today I had the opportunity to rationally discuss the difference between wanting something and needing something with a granddaughter. When I was a young mom back in the ice age in a different life time I had been talking about this same topic of conversation with her as we're heading off to do our visiting teaching and were discussing the lesson on the way there. Her comment was "If I want something bad enough I must need it". I loved her :)

But now I am a responsible adult and have to explain to a 4 year old the difference. I explain very logically that you need to have air to breathe, you need to have food in your stomach to live, you need a home to live in and you need to have clothes to wear as Heavenly Father would not be happy if everyone went all over the place naked.

She thought for a few minutes and this was the ensuing conversation:

Her: I need my Mommy Barbie

Me: No you want your Mommy Barbie

Her: No Nana I need my mommy Barbie (which is in the toy box which has already been cleaned up and put away.

Several minutes went by doing the usual power struggle balk yes I do and no you don't sort of thing.

Her: Nana I am not a child I am 4 years old I know what I want and need and I know I need my Mommy Barbie.

Me: Sigh why do you feel you need this Mommy Barbie instead of just wanting her.

Her: Cause she has no clothes on and I don't want Heavenly Father to look in the toy box cause he can see everything and He will see she is naked and you said you need clothes so Nana for the last time I NEEED My Mommy Barbe!



Carmen said...

This is a good lesson to learn at 4.... Because when you are 37 and you see a pair of black boots that you are sure you really NEED, even though you have 5 pairs at home already, it is hard to walk away... And those wants v. needs become very blurred...