Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Should You decide to Accept this mission...

Ok here are the specs of this mission that I spoke about in my last post should you accept this mission. I am going be doing the spare bedroom this Saturday and I am enclosing pictures ACKKK!! I can not believe I am doing this but you have to know how important it is in my life to have order and this room is NOT orderly and stuff has to leave. I need to find a way to keep most of the pieces in the room that are there now. The bed is a Murphy bed that Keith built as are all the bookcases and desk. The buffet is his grandmothers from when she got married as a present from her grandmother. and we will trading the bed with a regular 48" mattress. I am going to enclose pictures of each piece of furniture and then dimensions on them as well as a graft picture of what the room looks like.

I decided to up the challenge. Top three designers to this room that we actually use some of your ideas, will win a free lunch with me. If I use some of your ideas we still do lunch. If I use inclusively one person, the rest that submitted ideas that I never used will still get lunch but the winning designer will get an extra prize :)

Are your creative juices flowing yet??

closet and part of the buffet that is supposed to be in the dining room but no room so it is here to hold the tv, dvd player, nintendo system etc

This is the bottom of the closet where Keith's tools are supposed to be stored but of course they never are and then they get all scattered

Top of the clothes closet

2nd bookcase closest to the window..

1st book case closest to the bedroom doorway

Looking into the bedroom from the front hall. Bookcase #1 is right there on right hand side

Murphy can see the bottom front leg of the buffet

Antique dresser on east side of bedroom

Top of murphy bed when pulled up, it latches into this space and supposedly frees the floor but we have too many sleepovers to ever put it up.


Sally said...

oops I made an error on the last 2 pictures. The blurb that is in between the last 2 is supposed to be below the last one. What is supposed to mentioned in between is that is the bookcase closest to the east wall (window wall) and the desk is between the case and the widow.. clear as mud now?? heheh

Carmen said...

Okay, my juices are not flowing, but I would LOVE to buy that antique dresser off of you... Just a thought. Let me know... hee hee