Monday, March 10, 2008

Soap Box Time

OK I haven't been on my soap box for awhile and I need to vent. Today's topic is dumpster diving. We live in a townhouse complex and right across our driveway is a large commercial bin for our garbage. Every single day (usually 2-3 times a day on weekends and moving days) we get someone diving into the garbage bin for recyclables. Why they should be in there instead of people recycling them is beyond me but we will save that topic for another day.

Now I understand everyone has to make a living and I don't have a problem with people wanting to dive into garbage bins to get pop bottles but why do they have to dump all the bags into the driveway and then leave them there?? Come on people!! At least be a good sport and put the bags back into the bin!! Do you not realize that be leaving the bags all over OUR driveway you are leaving them for the crows to get at and tear them to shreds leaving our garbage strewn all over the place? Do you not realize that because of you, someone has to come in behind you and clean up your mess? And what gives with the attitude of swearing at me when I very politely ask you to put the bags back in the bin when you are done?

Because our kitchen window faces the bin I see it more then pretty much anyone else. I have tried complaining to our property managers but when I call by the time they send their maintenance man over the divers are long gone. End of the month when people move out is such a nightmare!! The bins are over filled because people are throwing out all the tings they don't want to move and then the divers come and completely pull out all the bags to go through them and of course leaving the bags all over the driveway. Enter into the factor the cars coming into the driveway and not seeing the bags till they have already turned into it and are driving right on top of them and you have an even bigger mess! Then of course that means free meals for the crows to pick at the bags to leave strips of black plastic all over our yards and flower beds etc.

When I become President of the World I am going to make dumpster diving illegal and if anyone gets caught instead of having to pay a fine they will have to go pick garbage up! yup yup yup that's what I am going to do. Do you think dumpster diving should be against the law or am I making a mountain out of a molehill?