Sunday, March 09, 2008

Back to Basics

Last couple of weeks I have been trying to wrack my brains on what I could do to keep my brain occupied with everything going on with my life. Then when I was at mom's it hit me... do what I am good at. I taught skin care for many years, made a lot of money doing it, put a son on his mission with it, got a couple of cars with it and I am so ready for another challenge.

So I have gone back to being a Mary Kay Consultant. Now I am not going to be driving any pink Cadillacs lol. Sorry my spine isn't going to handle that well but we are going to have fun! I am going to be putting an order in every 2 1/2-3 months so if any of you decide you would like anything you just have to tell me you would like to be a preferred customer. And of course when you reach that status you always get freebies!! Who doesn't want them.

You can go online and check out their products. I will have my own website for Mary Kay shortly and then when you need anything you just take your little shopping cart through my store online and help yourself to as much as you need. Until then call or email me with what you want and I will add that to my order! If you have any questions please let me know ok?

I was one of the very first customers of Mary Kay in Canada. When people ask me how come I look so long I tell them it's my Mary Kay face. I was out with my 2 little granddaughters last week and one lady said what they all say "Oh they have such cute faces" and the 3 year old cracked me up when she patted her own cheek and said Thank you it's my Mary Kay face hehehe.

Delivery is free for everyone including if you live out of driving range. I will let everyone know a few weeks prior to putting an order in case any of you need anything. I would also be more then happy to go a one on one consult in case you are unsure of what formulas etc that might need.

Just give me a call or an email I am enclosing a picture or Keith and I when I went to Toronto for our annual Mary Kay Seminar. That year Mary Kay had actually been there and I thought I had died and gone to heaven!!!! Anyway that year I won Queen of Sales, Queen of Recruiting, and the creme de la creme,, the title of Miss Go Give! That was worth more to me then any Queen title. Miss Go Give was all about helping others, putting the T in team, and the M for motivation in the team. It was a lot of fun and I am sorry I had to put it away.

But slowly I am going to get back into it but just do it by brochures and email after you check out the site. You all deserve to look your very best!!!! :-D

See ya!!!


Carmen said...

That is fantastic! Oh, and I totally love your hair in that pic!! Whoo, what a do!! tee hee