Monday, March 17, 2008

Last Post

Well here it is the last night before I go to the hospital for my surgery. I thought I was ready.. well or so I thought when the surgery was for wayyyyyyy in the future.. not so much now that it is here. I have done all I can do to prepare. Our family and close friends in the ward and stake fasted for me yesterday, I had a special blessing last night... not much else to do but keep crossing things off my to do list that keeps growing by the minute.

We had our family Easter dinner yesterday along with the egg hunt as I knew I would be in no shape to do one next Sunday and that was good. Kept my mind busy and when you watch grown adults and little children chasing all over the place looking for their eggs and bunnies you can't help but be happy with life at that moment.

For those of you readers that have Facebook, our daughter will be changing my status as she gets news. I know I am "supposed" to have limited arm mobility coming out of the hospital so I may have to use "the old bat the eyes at the husband trick" so that he might get me a voice activated computer hehehehe. Oh no wait.. money going to Hawaii.. focus on priorities girl :)

Well I am off for now. I wish you all a very Happy Easter and my the Lord shine on you this year. Be good and hopefully all will go well with the surgery and I will be around to give you all the details next week some time. Take care all!


Carmen said...

You are in my prayers!!
Love you lots.

Dumuro said...
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