Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Book fan

I have been listening to all the hype about the latest Harry Potter book coming out and thought how can you possibly be so wrapped up in a sequel that you would stay up till midnight to get a book? Then Keith so aptly reminded me of years ago when the series "The Work and the Glory" was first coming out. As soon as the next installment was out I would be there first in line and I would do nothing but read the novel till it was done. At one point, the year our children got married, 4 of us in the house were reading the same novel. If you put it down it was fair game for anyone else to read it. The rule was you could not take it into the bathroom with you and if you read it in bed you had to put it in a common place when you were done so someone else could read it.

I was at the last third of this particular novel and had a hard time getting my hands on it. Kim and Lareta had gone to bed. I don't know where Jody was but I went to bed to read. Because the light was on it was keeping Keith awake. Well not the light itself but the noises I was making when I was at a bad part or my legs would twitch cause I was worried or excited about something. He kept asking if I was almost done and I would always say let me finish this chapter. But every chapter always ended on the wrong note and I had to keep reading.

At one point he rolls over, takes the book from my hands, puts it on his night table and turns the light off and says "GO TO SLEEP"!. I laid there very quietly till I heard him sleeping then got out of bed very quietly, got the book and went into our ensuite to finish reading the book. Now I have to explain we had an Irish Wolfhound dog at the time which are very very big. He was my protector and went no where without me. So I closed the bathroom door before I turned the light on and heard him laying against the door.

I didn't realized I had been sitting on the seat of the toilet as long as I had till I went to stand up when I actually finished the book. Let me describe this bathroom. It was only a half bath and was very small. It had a toilet and when you sat on it you could lay your head on the sink. There was only a 8 inch space between the sink and the wall where I had a tall narrow metal shelving that held all my beauty stuff and hair dryers etc. When I went to stand up my legs gave out as the blood flow had been cut off from sitting so long.

I went head first into this metal shelving which knocked every thing off of it and flipped me backwards. But because there was so little room I ended up with my head, neck and upper shoulders on the floor by the toilet, my waist and hips on the toilet lid and my legs over the sink and tangled with this shelving. During all this the dog is literally slamming head first into the door trying to break the door down cause he knows I'm in trouble. Keith is trying to pull the dog off the door but the dog is barking and snapping at him. He has a very heavy chain choker and even yanking on it is not letting him get the dog from trying to bust through the door. Keith called Kim to come and hang on to the dog so he could get to the door.

Keith kept asking if I was all right but the dog was barking so loud he couldn't hear me. He finally got the door open and there I lay not being able to move with the book neatly sitting on my chest cover up like I had fallen asleep with the book on me. Keith finally asked if I was ok and I said yes. I would have said yes even if I had broken both arms and both legs. By this time the dog's collar snapped from his force of trying to jump and I now had a 150 pound dog climbing on me to lick my face. I finally was able to tell him to get off so I could get up. I managed to clean everything up and when I went back to bed Keith quietly asks "Now are you done the last chapter?" and I very meekly said yes.

I had forgotten all that till I was reminded. As I read my DIL's message to her hubby's comment that nothing is going to get done in the house now that she got her latest book of Harry Potter I had to smile as I remembered my racing through the house to clean it and make the fastest dinner possible when I was reading one of the new installments. But I have to say I haven't gotten into books like that series that had such a grip on me let me tell you. I still have all 9 hard cover novels on my shelf and actually just finished rereading them last year when I was laid up in bed.

I am glad that I have raised readers in my family and that all my in-law children are readers as well as all their children. It is a good vice to have if you have to have one :) I think I may have to go buy a new novel of something or other to take camping with me next month!!