Thursday, July 05, 2007

Yea it's summer!!

Well after finally complaining for months now of this stupid rainy weather summer has arrived with a vengeance! A tad too hot for me but I will not complain when my other option is rain. Lareta and I decided to take the kids to the water park and pool today and we had a blast. We also had my oldest grandchild as well who is down for 3 weeks and it was fun spending time with him. Lareta's youngest learnt how to kick her feet in the pool today and she kept saying "Terry watch me I'm wimmmmmmming!" over and over but you can tell he has a young sister cause he was so patient with her and kept coming to see her kick her feet.

We ran into several women from church there with their kids so it was nice to visit with them and see them with their hair down. Fun fun day. I bought this new cool cooler at Costco the other day. It is an insultated squarish one but it is on wheels on one end and a handle that pulls up like a suitcase. Awesome!! Even totally packed that I had it, the thing glided along even on the grass and sandy knolls on the way to the park. I was so happy with it. And the lid has a smaller "peep" window that is velcroed so that if you just want to grab something you just have to lift that little window rather then unzipping the entire thing! Very good buy at 36.99! Because Lareta and I spend so much time at the water park every summer it will more then pay for itself.

I finally got my last suitcase delivered today after 10 days! I was not impressed with UPS. I always use DHL for my courier but this time I decided to use UPS when I was sending all those parcels from my mom. They finally delivered them on Tuesday (after 8 days no less!!) but they were short my large suitcase. They had no idea where it was and I spent 2 days on the phone with them with no results. I finally gave the info to our son Jody and he got in touch with them today and lo and behold my suitcase is found. I was really getting concerned as an idiot I had not locked the suitcase and had all my jewelery in there and all the jewelry that my mom had given me (including emerald and diamond bracelet!) Some days I wonder where my brain goes.

But it arrived safe and sound and everything accounted for. But I will be going back to DHL as they never take more then 3 days for the exact same route.

But tomorrow is another great day as we are going to spend the day shopping in Bellingham! We've made our list checked it twice and we are off to catch all the summer sales! And Lareta and I went to our campground in Fort Langley and we have our sites booked in August. WOOOHOOO! Hopefully our son and his family from Lethbridge who are coming down at the same time will be able to join us for part of their trip, But man oh man have they ever completely rehauled it! Last summer was the only summer we have not been there in years as I had my surgery and then all the complications plus by the time I was able to get up and around I was too busy getting ready for our 25th so it was a huge surprise! But a good surprise.. I think.