Friday, July 13, 2007

Latest Craze

Out here there seems to be an increase of the latest fashion. No it's not the latest jeans or shoes etc. It is the latest craze of walking around in malls with miniature dogs. It drives me crazy. When did mall administrators decide that toy dogs were now seeing eye dogs? And seeing as how the owners are usually carrying said dogs just who are the dogs leading?

And it is bad enough when the owners are carrying them but they are sitting in a food area such as a food court with the dogs, or walking them on a leash. If the dog defecates in the middle of the mall who cleans it up? When is enough considered enough? Am I considered to be unbending and picky if I speak to someone who is doing this? Am I allowed to go to the mall administrators or security personnel to report this? I have to assume I am not the only one noticing this so is anyone reporting them or have we gotten so used to Hollywood setting standards for the rest of the world that we turn a blind eye to it happening?

Do I have a right to eat in a public area without worrying that I have dog hair on my table? Or that a dog is eating people food at the table next to me? (Which is what happened 2 weeks ago at a local mall. When is enough enough and when are we supposed to stand up for ourselves? Will malls listen to us or will they consider not wanting to turn away these customers that have their pets with them? Am I being petty?


Carmen said...

I don't think animals belong in public places unless they are for visually impaired people! I am totally grossed out by the fact that you had to eat food with a dog at the next table. GAG!! But it is just another example of how truly selfish people are. Not what is best or right for the majority, but what is wanted by one seems to rule.